Lucaci Florentin

Design Engineering Manager, Senior / Lead / PM I&C , Instruments & Control Process Designing MSc. Engineer Oil & Gas, Art Author & Creator
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MIXED BEE (Africanized Bee)

MIXED BEE (Africanized Bee)
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Lucaci Florentin - Writer

USA Archive
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Lucaci Florentin - Biography, Contact

FLORENTIN LUCACI is a Romanian Master of Science Designing Engineer being in present Designing Senior / Lead / PM Instrumentation & Control Process & Telecommunications Engineer Oil & Gas. FLORENTIN LUCACI is also Inventor and Art Creator Author In the field of Oil & Gas he design supervise and / or manage big and very important projects in the energy sector. FLORENTIN LUCACI is the Inventor of Invention LIF on short name invented by him on Google Facebook and YouTube Worldwide intelligent servers and networks supports. His Invention LIF will be applied Worldwide in the field of Copyrighted Online Creations and many other technical fields. FLORENTIN LUCACI Invention LIF will be applied by GOOGLE YouTube, YouTube Red and Facebook Top Management and Designing Engineering Development Divisions and Network Integration and Interface Divisions,all Major IT Hardware and Software Companies Worldwide, all Major Fixed and Mobile Equipments Producers Worldwide Desktops, Servers, LapTops, Tablets, Smartphones both Android GOOGLE and Windows OS operated, all major Telecommunications Hardware and Software Companies Worldwide, all major LED LCD HDTV and SHDTV inclusive Android GOOGLE operated devices Producers and manufacturing Companies Worldwide, all Secured Cloud operators Worldwide, Governamental, National, Local, International Agencies of Copyright and management of Copyright for registering of Art Creations instantly in real time as they are typed by Creators Worldwide and managing of intelectual property and infridgements without any papers, Software 3 rd party Android GOOGLE and Microsoft Windows companies or stand alone Developers for software appliances in distribution of Art Creations Protected by Copyright, Research Institutes regarding Conceptual Interactive SHDTV Android GOOGLE Technology, Informations Services who can use his Invention for instant identifying Original Creators and Authors of an Art Creation protected by Copyright all over the World. FLORENTIN LUCACI is also a Top Art Creator and Author his creations texts poetry and artwork for videoclips with a top artistic impact being most suitable for top music interprets from Romania and Worldwide. FLORENTIN LUCACI top artistic creations are all registered at ORDA and OSIM directly from his Invention LIF in the moment of creation, principle and method that will be applied Worldwide. FLORENTIN LUCACI will contract Worldwide top class editors and distribution companies to publish books with his top creations in Romanian and English languages all will be best sellers.


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